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Patient Transport Services

Our Patient Transport Service (PTS) is one of the largest ambulance providers of non-emergency transport in the South East. We provide transport for people who are unable to use public or other transport due to their medical condition and include those:

■ Attending hospital outpatient clinics

■ Being admitted to or discharged from hospital wards

■ Needing life-saving treatments such as chemotherapy or renal dialysis.


Our non-emergency PTS provides much needed support to Patients, their Carers’ and is an extremely important part of our service.

Patient Transport Service Communications Centre is run from our new premises in Ashford, with dedicated controllers.

Our PTS Communications team deliver high quality support to our operational staff using the latest information technology to ensure every patient’s needs are addressed, from booking through to transportation, seven days a week.

There are three dedicated areas which are:

■ Reservations

■ Planning

■ Dispatch

In each local area, PTS have a management team responsible for the smooth running of daily operations between Patients’ homes. They also receive training in call handling and customer care.